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Garage Door Spring Repair at Edmonton & St Albert

The Garage Door is a crucial element in many homes and businesses in Edmonton, St Albert & surrounding areas, and it is used daily for a variety of purposes. These daily uses add up over time, which can cause issues with the mechanisms as they wear down and become less efficient. Eventually, this can lead to a failure of one or more springs or cables, rendering your door immobile and causing problems for you and your family. 


When this happens, you need to call on the professionals at Jae’s Anything Garage Doors Repair, Maintenance & Install. Our certified technicians use only the highest quality parts and techniques to repair garage door spring problems in Edmonton and St Albert. Whether you are dealing with an older garage door system that needs maintenance or a modern door that requires repair, our team has the skills and experience needed to get the job done right.

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Diagnose The Issue

Garage doors are complex pieces of technology, comprising a series of springs, cables, and other mechanisms. For these systems to function properly, they must be maintained and repaired regularly to keep them in good working condition. In particular, Garage Door Torsion Springs are essential for stabilizing the door and preventing it from shutting too quickly.


If these springs begin to show signs of wear or damage, they can be difficult and even dangerous to repair on your own. That is why we at Garage Door Repair Edmonton & St Albert exist – to provide expert repair services for all types of garage door issues. Our technicians are highly trained and are equipped to deal with any scenario that may arise. So if you need Garage Door Spring Repair in Edmonton or St Albert, look no further than our team! We’ll get your garage door back up and running in no time.

Common Issues

Here are some common symptoms (and remedies) of spring problems:


  • If you’re noticing that your springs are squeaking or making an unusual amount of noise, there may be a problem with the lubrication on them.
  • The springs on your door may be out of balance, making it difficult for you to close or gap the door with no resistance.
  • The door may be encountering some resistance because of loose screws or bolts, an incorrectly installed cable feed as well as other factors.
  • There is a risk of getting hurt when dealing with these problems so it’s best left for professionals or people who have several skills.

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