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Garage Door Replace Rubber Seal

Garage Door Rubber Seal Replacements in Edmonton & St. Albert.

Jae’s Anything Garage Door is a locally owned and operated business that specializes in garage door repair and replacement.


We has over 10 years of experience in the industry and is a certified technician. Jae’s Anything Garage Door offers a wide range of services, including garage door opener installation, spring replacement, and rubber seal replacement. 


Jae’s Anything Garage Door is committed to providing quality service at an affordable price.

Where is the Garage Door Rubber Seal located?

The garage door rubber seal is located along the bottom edge of the door. It is a black, weather-resistant rubber material that helps to create a tight seal between the door and the ground.

What's the purpose of the Garage Door Rubber Seal?

The seal helps to keep out insects, dust, and debris, and it also helps to prevent water from seeping into the garage.

Installing a Garage Door Rubber Seal.

In order to properly install the seal, you will need to measure the bottom of your door and then cut the seal to size. 


Once you have cut the seal, you will need to attach it to the door using screws or nails. 


Once it is in place, you can use a caulk gun to apply a bead of caulking around the perimeter of the seal. 


This will help to create an even tighter seal and further protect your garage from the elements.

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